Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day two of present making

I actually took a break from couponing last night and tonight! Feels good, especially because I don't have money for food until Thursday, so all of that can wait until Tuesday when the store circulars come out. I think I have enough yarn on hand to at least make winter sets for each of the kids.

So far I have made two hats. A blue and black one intended for Alistair (10 months), but it ended up being Kavan sized (he's 3). He saw it and asked if I was making him a hat, of course I said no because he won't get it for 2 1/2 months, and he started crying....asked me if it was for Daddy, and I said yes (I'm so mean) and he just pouted and stuck his head in a pillow. Daddy told him that's exactly how he feels when I only make things for the kids. Kavan didn't care though. After this one was finished, I remembered that I like to start hats in a circle with 8 sts, not with 6 sts. So, Madi's was started with 8 sts, in a hdc with a hook one size smaller than the skein suggests. I like to think this makes the hats a bit thinker than they would otherwise be.

I also made a pink hat for Madi (she's 5) out of some Lion Brand Jiffy yarn, then added a flower applique to it in a creamy colored Lion Brand Fun yarn. I made one of the larger flowers, using an H hook instead of the F they say to (yarn being bigger and all), and then a smaller flower. I've decided that the larger one is just fine all by itself on the hat, and I will add a couple of the smaller ones to a matching scarf.

I plan to make matching scarves and fingerless gloves for each of the hats. Probably gloves first, and then I can just make the scarves as long as my remaining yarn will allow. Pictures soon to follow. 

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